About Us

Terraform Energy is a Hardware & Product Engineering Services Organization focused on helping Start Ups, Small and Medium Enterprises accelerate development of their IoT Solutions and Products, MVP’s, Business Automation Solutions, Electronic & Electrical System Design, PCB Design and Embedded Applications.

Along with in-house IoT Solutions we provide specialized engineering services across the entire Product Development Lifecycle from Consulting, Device Engineering, PCB Designing, POC’s, and Integration with Existing Infrastructure, Prototyping, Production, and Support & Maintenance.

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Our Expertise


Prepaid/ Postpaid Energy/Gas/Water

Industrial Energy Management

Solar Energy Management

Weather & Sensors Monitoring

Appliances Monitor & Control

Research & Development


Innovation Planning

Technology Scouting

IP & Patents

HMI & UI Design

Electronics Engineering

Circuit Prototyping

PCB/ PCBA Services

Hardware Design

Consumer Electronics

Embedded Hardware/Firmware

IoT Solutions

IoT Hardware

IoT Middleware

Data Pipeline

IoT Web & Mobile Apps

Wired/Wireless Communication

Industrial Design

Design Research

Concept Design

Rapid Prototype

Graphics Design

2D-3D Rendering & Conversion

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing

Prototype Models

Scaled Models

Low Batch Manufacturing

Electronics/Electrical Enclosures

Our Clients

Some of Our Company Statistics.

Terraform Energy is actively working since 2019 with various clients. We got the opportunity to work on various innovative & challenging projects.







Case Studies

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